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Argentine Brazil will replace trade of dollar settle accounts with local money
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International is online reported on October 3 Occupy dust humble company 2 days to report, argentina and Brazilian two countries will begin to use bilateral and native money to compare all alone and Leiyaer to replace dollar settle accounts at 3 days bilateral trade.

According to the report, "Mechanism of settle accounts of native land money " after carrying out, the business of imports and exports of Argentina and Brazilian two countries is OK use respective money directly in commerce, need not reuse dollar regards trading intermediary as the money.

The congratulatory ceremonially that Argentine president Christina holds in 2 days expresses, this action strengthened area unifinication construction, its are important the meaning is reflected not only in economic domain, still reflect at the same time in politics and culture domain.

Public opinion thinks generally, the largest dominant position of this mechanism is to be able to save what arise because of converting a dollar to pay cost, promote the development of bilateral trade. This also is 7 countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia southern bank established in December last year hind, what South-American country strides again to target of regional money unifinication is important one pace.

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