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Shenzhen encourages transition of improvement trade company to upgrade
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Standing conference passed Shenzhen municipal government 18 days " a certain number of opinions that Shenzhen city promotes transition of improvement trade company to upgrade " , the opinion represents clearly, shenzhen city will take policy of a series of form a complete set and step, give aid to improvement trade enterprise promotes competition ability.

The opinion puts forward: Shenzhen city gives aid to the key technical content is tall, add be worth big, resource to use up correlation of little, industry to spend strong improvement trade company, drive the project of advanced manufacturing industry with strong capability to industrial form a complete set, municipal government uses the respect such as the ground, capital to give in the program support energetically; Encourage improvement trade enterprise to establish orgnaization of technical research and development, invest to domain of own research and development, establish to improvement trade enterprise, the technical center that maintains via country or province city, municipal government gives respectively aid financially; Encourage improvement trade enterprise to have research and development of project of new technology, new product, new technology, classics of improvement trade enterprise maintains those who be company of new and high technology, enjoy policy of privilege of enterprise income tax; Accord with project of technical reformation of improvement trade enterprise, enjoying relevant aid financially policy while, offer an entrance privilege of equipment derate duty; Product of own to improvement trade enterprise brand is exported and develop an international market, city foreign trade develops special fund to give aid financially etc.

Xu Zongheng of Shenzhen city mayor says, the direction that transition of improvement trade company upgrades and key depend on promoting industry technology development and innovation capability, optimize product structure, increase product class, lengthen chain of product rise in value, enlarge an industry to gather with radiation effect, make the enterprise is done do greatly strong.

As we have learned, shenzhen city has close 1 of improvement trade enterprise at present. 20 thousand. 2007, forehead of exit of Shenzhen city improvement trade company is amounted to 1068. 700 million dollar, 63 what occupy whole town foreign trade to export total. 5 % , the growth contribution rate that raises a cost to whole town industry is 75 % about, to the growth of whole town GDP contribution leads more than 40 % .

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