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Harbin Electric Industry Bureau recently informed massage quality monitoring sampling results, 40 batches 28 batches have passed the test, with a pass rate of 70%. It is understood that the goods are sampling problems with the main entry signs and instructions failed; input power and current item does not meet; the power cord connection and external flexible cords do not meet the requirements. If the nominal trade Co., Ltd Qinhuangdao City Run Ding a batch production of "Run Ding" massage machine, power connection and external flexible line project failed. Health Products Co., Ltd. Shandong Ma nominal production of a batch of "Ma" Foot massage therapy, input power and current project failed. These substandard electrical products is easy to mislead consumers, are more likely to cause leakage, fire and other accidents. Harbin Trade and Industry Bureau ordered all of the substandard goods distribution business in the notice within 2 days after the release of substandard goods under the shelf. Harbin Trade and Industry Bureau also reminds consumers to purchase one to see identity is clear, whether the marked product name, manufacturer name, location, specifications, models, implementation of standards; second look at packaging is intact; three to see whether they have used manual and product quality inspection certificates, and inspection of product quality to cable inspection report.
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