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Far infrared magnetic therapy massage for details
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New far infrared magnetic therapy massage is a Health & Beauty Equipment Factory of Guangzhou's new high-tech health care products, which use the human body engineering, holographic human life, the human body than Earth's magnetic field of modern medicine, the most advanced scientific knowledge of human life , combined with Chinese medicine meridians, acupuncture points treatment principles, and then developed into the modern high-tech well-formed. This product is suitable for sub-health population to the whole body and foot massage health, strong and strong and infiltration by promoting blood circulation massage Shu force and energy, improve the body immunity. Is your home health care. The best choice for business gifts. Far infrared magnetic therapy massage Far infrared magnetic therapy massage with user-friendly design, beautiful fashion, with random speed control function, spherical massage head designed to facilitate whole body massage, advanced stepless speed adjustable switch by your efforts, set in the massage on the contact health magnetic materials, acupuncture or trigger point massage, while the magnetic field effect of the release into the body through the skin deep tissue, so that the adsorption layer of skin and muscle blood flow between the exchange capacity increased. Directly to the body's reflex zones, meridians and stimulate the lesion site, long-term use of this product, but also improve immune function, enhance self-anti-rheumatic capacity, and promote soft tissue repair and regeneration of cells. Improve body microcirculation Shujinhuoxue, Qimai two-pass, up to prevent and cure diseases, anti-aging effect. Make you energetic and waist stretch and restore the body's youthful vitality. It uses high-frequency vibration theory to beat all parts of the body massage can promote blood circulation; fatigue; Cellulite diet; slim shape. This product is small. Multi-function. Simple operation, is your home, travel, leisure and portable health-care division. Name Type 268 multi-function massage Product volume 38cm * 10cm * 10cm Motor speed (Idling) 4200 rev / min Motor speed (Load) 3800 rev / min Rated voltage AC 220 V Rated Power (Idling) 18W Rated Power (Load) 25 W
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